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Cross-Cultural Training, Intercultural Communication, Developing Cultural Intelligence, Managing Multicultural Teams, Relocation Training for Expatriates and Their Families, Cross-Cultural Implications of M&As, Business English & Email Writing.

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Globaleyes is a Cross-Cultural training and consulting company for global organizations.

Why do you need us? Because most global ventures fail due to cultural reasons

Why do we do it? We are on a mission to help connect people and cultures. To Help them turn cultural differences into a competitive advantage

A world leader for the past 22 years, Globaleyes provides its customers with tailor-made training models and unique techniques to support global reach and business growth.

A dynamic team of trainers who have had experience in conducting cross-cultural workshops and lectures at multinational companies worldwide – from North America to Asia and Europe

As a result of the team’s international encounters, we have the knowledge and actual experience of how businesspeople, managers, and teams from various cultures interact with their colleagues and customers from other cultures. This assists them in overcoming the cultural gaps and challenges which are created by these differences, thereby improving trust, communication, and effectiveness.

Amongst our customers: Intel, Coinbase, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Salesforce, Google, PayPal, HP, Sonos, Intuit, Teva, Medtronic, Checkpoint, Checkmarx, Payoneer, eBay, ServiceNow, Oracle, Motorola, Solaredge, Abbott, IBM, Optibus, Glassbox, F5, Nvidia, Roche, Intango, Chegg, Ironsource, Merck, Kaltura, Wix, Minute Media, Marvell, Wix, Pagaya, Pentera, Identq, PayU, IBEX, Bluevine, Pixcell, Cymotive, Aquant, Shutterfly.


Custom designed Training & Lectures in F2F and online formats. Topics include:

  • Cross-Cultural Training (Israel, USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, India, China, South Korea, Japan, and more)
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Developing Cultural Intelligence
  • Managing Multicultural Teams
  • Relocation Training for Expatriates and Their Families
  • Cross-Cultural Implications of M&As
  • Business English & Email Writing

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